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Exquisite service is our vocation. At AVANTEX ,we go beyond providing currency exchange. We advise our clients on the optimal investment mechanism to ensure their business’ steady growth. We accompany businesses as they maneuver through financial structures and assist them in choosing vehicles that will improve their bottom line.

Established in 2016 in Vancouver, AVANTEX has advised multiple premier clients with financial transactions whether that is currency exchange, foreign investments, remittances, or foreign trading. We predominantly serve clients in Canada, Iran, and Dubai, and are building networks in China, Hong Kong, and Europe. Our vanguard spirit makes us a highly dynamic company finding new solutions with innovating technology and new systems.

Our Team

With decades of combined experience in financial trading, law, real estate, and IT, our management team paves the way to offering professional financial advice and exquisite customer service. Allow us to assist you in your next transaction.


Reza Hadavi

Reza’s immersive spirit has been the driving force behind AVANTEX. He has successfully executed a wide range of business ventures with his core expertise in finance. By infusing his business outlook with real estate development, Reza has continuously delivered investment results for his firm and clients.

As an autonomous leader and strong believer in establishing lifelong business relations, Reza ensures the highest level of due diligence for every project. His financial solutions are innovative and effective, leveraging technology to serve his clients.

Financial Services Representative

Yalda Eshraghi

Yalda received her bachelor's degree in insurance management, she worked in insurance industry for over 15 years. In addition to her insurance experience, she has always been passionate about finance and entered the financial field about 4 years ago.

Passion and dedication are two of her core values, allowing her to thrive.
As a financial service representative, Yalda provides our clients with practical solutions and supervises every transaction with them. Her patience and attention to detail have always won the trust of AVANTEX clients.

Customer Service Representative

Parisa Eshraghi

As you walk into our office, Parisa will be one of the first people you meet. She assists our clients with their immediate online transactions and other financial needs.
Parisa has over 6 years of experience in finance, and she delivers a superior level of customer care along with the clients daily transactions. AVANTEX clients always trust Parisa in every step of their personal and financial inquiries knowing they are in good hands.
IT Specialist

Amir Alavi

The digital operations at AVANTEX has been critically designed and operated by Amir for the past 4 years ensuring streamlined access and efficiency. Dealing with high volume of data and maintaining security of our servers is a daily task executed diligently by Amir to safeguard the integrity of our technical operations.

As a musician, Amir applies his artistic approach to visual design and online presentation of Avantex. Automating how we communicate remotely and improving business efficiency further highlights the important role he plays an important part of our team.


Legal Advisor

Steve Andrea

Steve has practiced law for the past 12 years focusing on the areas of real estate and corporate law. As a disciplined lawyer and business leader, Steve dynamically anticipates risk factors for his clients and provides sound financial solutions. Counting on Steven’s legal experience, AVANTEX is able to quickly mitigate risks associated with investments, real estate developments, and international business transactions.
Financial & Tax Advisor

Daniel Lai

Daniel has a natural talent with numbers with a BBA degree in accounting and finance he is senior partner at Smythe, one of the top 10 largest accounting firm in Vancouver. Daniel‘s area of practice is specially focused on Real Estate accounting and taxation. He holds the prestigious CA designation and is a member of the Real Estate and Construction Industry Group.
Marketing Advisor

Ashkan Azrahimi

Transferring years of experience in brand positioning and corporate marketing strategy has brought value and flexibility to AVANTEX. Ashkan's primary focus is to assist our team with major digital product development, annual marketing strategy and reinforcing the AVANTEX approach throughout all communications in order to further elevate the premium customer experience.


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